weather wind waves in Greece for Yachts

Wind, waves and weather in Greece, islands and turkisch coast

Sailors in Greece can have very moderate conditions in the Ionian Sea, some not too heavy conditions in the Saronic and Argolic Gulf, or strong Meltime - storm alike and stormy weather indeed conditions in the cyclades and even in the eastern greek islands, Dodecanese and on the turkish coastline.

Some good webpages serve qualified and reliable informations about the weather, wind and waves to be expected and we list them here for you:


Pelagos - Triton can be very helpfull predicting waves heights and directions waves  

Poseidon - the greek go of the seas delivers general information about the areas  

HNMS - The Greek National meteorological Service covers not only Greece  

Windfinder delivers Wind- and Temperature prognosis    

WINDGURU created for windsurfers and kitesurfers near the coast Windguru delivers excellent local wind descriptions

Turkey/ eastern Greece/Dodecanese - covered by the turkish state weather service


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