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Samos die Insel des Pythagoras Samos Pythagoreion Hafen und Marina

The island of Samos is called "the green island" because it has many forests and "the high island" for itīs high mountains.
Samos has a very distinguished scenery from most aegaean and even dodecanese islands. Unfortunately many fires destroyed great areas of the island of Samos, especially in the north, what is seen dramatically whilst sailing alongside the northern coast.

Pythagoreion- a village to sail to and to sail from

In the south, the village of Pythagoreion is Port of Entry to Greece and it is a nice stop on oneīs way to sail to and around the island.
Boats can enter the harbour, that is sheltered by a long wall against southern winds and waves, since some thousand years ago ancient king Polykrates made the town famous and rich.
Today Samos a well visited touristical spot, and very nice to visit the island from here or just to enjoy harbour-life in the daytime and evenings (of course in the mainport only, which is crowded and noisy, the marina is quiet but one must walk and canīt enjoy the scenery from his boatīs cockpit...)
Pythagoreion has all kinds of shops, markets, laundry and other services like car and motorbike rentals are available. Many restaurants offer the typical greek menues on reasonable prices.
Yachtsmen should note, that southerly storms in springtime and autumn can wash pretty big waves over the mole, and nautical guides recommend not to stay there in such a situation, because swell and wind can endanger yachts even inside this port.
Another "danger" is in summertime, that - as in nearly all ports - anchor-trouble appears several times a day, and if not on board, that could cause problems

entering the port of Samos Pythagoreion

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Iannis and Greg in Samos

Many sailors remember Iannis, who used for many years to help arriving sailboats mooring, arranged fuel and water to come and helped with greek formalities! Some years ago, he started a yachtcharter business together with his son Greg, and they do well in the old port. As well one can rent very nice appartments from him, located overviewing the portīs scenery on a rock!
Boats for yachtcharter one can find

The Port Police is located in the old harbour and one should not "forget" to show up there without being asked to come over!
In difference to many ports in smaller islands, where nobody asks for papers and harbour fees (mostly), the nautical authorities of Samos are present and watch, whatīs oing on, and they want to see and charge the harbour fees, even, when they donīt call you.Go there on your own. Water and electricity are opened guy in cooperation with the Port Police. He opens the tap and connects the electricity usually in the evenings and collects the charges for that services by use of each yacht!

Next to the port and village center on the western part lies the airport with local greek flights to Athens several times daily, but international charter flights from all Europe also! It is a thrilling experience, when planes are about to land and circle in from the sea descending that one can see the faces of the people in the plane nearly.

Samos Yacht Marina

In 2007 the new built SAMOS-Marina started to work.

A fuel-station is located there.

Pythagoreion Samos Marina

The new Samos Marina about 500m east of the old port of Pythagoreion can give better shelter. The Samos Marina lies on the eastern side of Pythagoreion (10 minutes walk from the mainport).

Marina Yachts in Samos

In the northeastern part of Samos island, the islandīs mainport and capital called Vathy is located. It is on the end of a long bay, and has a big but not well sheltered port. Only a small quai prevents from the usual N- and NW winds, not much, just enough to be able to stay inside relatively safe, even, when the steady blowing wind brings in a lot of swell day and night.

Samos bay Vathy
Samos Vathy is Port of Entry and has twice a day connection to turkish Kusadasi. Immigration Police and customs are there as well. The town has all shops, one might need to search for, many restaurants and bars are there as well.

Port of Samos Vathy

Choose your next destination

From Pythagoreion, you can sail around the island to the bay on the south coast called Marathokampos, or to the northeastern located maintown Samos-Vathy or sail with the wind to the southern islands Agathonisi, the holy island of Patmos, Arki, Lipsi

The turkish coast is nearby as well, Kusadasi (Port of Entry) is nerby and in the southeast Turgut Reis Marina (Port of Entry) on the eastern coast of the Bodrum peninsula.


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