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Greece sailing travel report visit Rhodes by Yacht Dodecanese Rhodos Rodos

 If you arrive at the airport, you can either take a Taxi to mandraki-Harbour, or a bus.
Unfortunately, the buses seem to drive not  regularily, but in summer 2005 I made some pictures of the timetable
at the city-stop behind the old marke, and that shows the following

From Rhodes From Paradisi
05:20 06:35
06:00 06:45
07:30 07:20
08:00 08:45
09:00 09:55
09:30 10:30
10:00 11:30
11:00 11:35
12:20 11:45
12:20 12:25
13:00 13:05
13:30 13:35
?? ??
15:10 15:05
15:40 16:35
16:00 16:50
17:00 17:20
18:30 17:45
19:00 19:15
20:00 19:45
21:10 20:35
22:00 21:55

I couldnīt get a copy of the timetable, so I had to fotograph it with my mobile, however, it gives an impression ;-)

If someone has a chance to get a copy of the winter-timetable at the bus station of Rhodes (right behind the taxistand on the side of the old market), Iīd be happy to get a fax and I will publish this here

Informations about Rhodes here

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One can sail to Symi, which is a real nice close-hauled direct 4-5 hrs trip!

If you want to go further west to Kasos and Crete, you first come to Karpathos-Pigadia in the south of Karpathos or if you want to go to Karpathos-Diafani to visit Olimbos, and then further to Chalki.

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