Patmos the holy island - Dodecanese

Patmos Dodecanese Greece the holy island of  the Apocalypse

Patmos is one of the "must sees" in the greek aegaean sea. It is located in the northern part of the Dodecanese islands, that stretch from Samos to Rhodes and Kastellorizon in the very far southeast. As is is a highly mystic religious place, as St.John the Divine received the visions of "the Apocalyse". The impressive monastery of St.John and itīs environment of white houses are very beautiful. Itīs under the preservation of the UNESCO and one of mankindīs heritages.

Patmos port ferryboats and mooring for guest boats Charterboats

Entering the bay and port of Patmos is easy, if you consider fisher boats and ferries going in and out. Apart from the very inner section at the very end of the bay right handed, it is everywhere deep enough and no dangers.

The portīs area close to the main places of "Skala" (name of the lower part of Patmos village) is reserved for daily boats, there is a long stretching quai some hundred meters further inside the bay as indicated above, where one can drop his anchor. Water is 3-5 m. There is no service. Water and fuel can be ordered. No electrictiy.A medium sorted Supermarket is about 200m from the quai and a small fruit shop as well. Holiday-Fishermen will be happy with a very good sorted fishing-equipment shop in the same nearby area, where one can get tips about his next fishing strategy!


The small port of Skala houses typical greek Tavernas, Bars and shops, internet cafes...

The Patmos bay itself is very big and offers several beautiful bays and beaches. A sailor can stay several days and visit each day another nice bay.

Patmos offers many beautiful bays

There is a bus going every half hour friom the Port Police station up to Chorio (name of all upper town-areas in greek islands), where one can visit the Monastery and the castle. Taxis are available for 5 € as well. Appropriate clothing is unavoidable! Strolling through the narrow alleys of the Chorio, white, flowers is very beautiful. Some Tavernas offer greek food and beautiful views over the bay as seen above.

flowers in the houses and gardens of Patmos

plants growing besides Patmos churches and small monasteries everywhere!

Choose your next destination

From Patmos, you can sail in 2 hours over to Arki or Lipsi, or add another 2-3 hours to reach Leros-Lakki.
As well Agathonisi in the east (20 nm) or Samos-Pythagoreion are a nice trip, the mostly NW or N-winds make the trip fast and convenient!

The turkish coast is nearby as well, but to leave Greece, one should visit Kalymnos (Port of Entry) first and sail to Turgut Reis or Bodrum-City, which are both turkish Ports of entry. It is no problem to visit Turkey, but it is  not allowed to cross border without appropriate formal pocedures. With a greek charteryacht you must leave Turkey after the first Port of call or pay an extremely high Transitlog-charge!

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