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Greece sailing report
 Nisyros - sailing to an island with a vulcano

Sailing from Kos to Nisyros with a yacht, chartered from there or elsewhere, you leave Kos Marina and sat a course to the south-east, to the northeasterly part of the vulcanic island Nisyros, where you should prefer the small harbour called PALI.

No matter, if you come from NE (Kos) or SE(Tilos/tuirkisch coast) or E (Knidos/Turkey): first in sight is a big building. It is the never finished, half-ready sanatorium for healing-waters: Nisyros has vulcanic-springs, and years ago, it was planned to built a sanatorium was started to built, and ended up (like many greek investments ;-)  in a non-finished ruin.
If you have later a walk from the harbour there (about 500m, passing the bakery !!) and go inside, you can see the bath-installations etc. Nobody knows, if it will be finished and used ever. At least, the building is a good landmark for the sailors, because about 500m further right, you can see the piers of the small Pali-harbour.

Note: the previous danger and impossibility to enter to the port at northern wids was solved: a new, much bigger Quai was built and the port itself was deepened and increased.the access is now from the east and a very long quai saves from the strong northern wind and itīs waves


Mandraki auf Nisyros Griechenland Yachtcharter Dodekanes

The other harbour on the north-coast, Mandraki, is completely open to swell, frequented very much by daily-boats from Kos and the Port Police office is exactly there, so paperwork is unavoidable! (while in Pali PP nearly never appears...)


In Pali, take a day off and visit the hinterland, the small roads will lead you to nice spots: you can rent a car or better Scooters, and have a visit to Mandraki, enjoy a drink or lunch in one of the bars, watching the daytourist passing by. Next have a look at the old castle about 2 km outside (all good indicated!)

Take some hours now for the trip to the vulcano - it is one of the "hottest" spots for an eruption in the mediterranean (but donīt worry: itīs satellite-monitored...). After a visit to the vulcanoīs caldera, on your way back, you see a small mountain village.> It has only one small Taverna, like a birdīs nest on the hills, and a incredible view to the caldera! Recommended to sit down with some basic greek food (greek salad...) and enjoy the view!!!

 n the evening, back in Pali, you can have a nice greek food dinner - basic, but "real" thing for your money. Sometimes they have fresh-barbecued goat! All restaurants are ok... the most friendly one is the scooter rental "Captain".


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From Nisyros, you can sail to the turkish coast, either Bodrum (18 nm NE) or Datca (35 nm ESE) which are both three Ports of Entry to Turkey. You can stay in Greece and visit Kos (15 nm NE), or Tilos (30 nm ESE) you sail westerly to to the island of Karpathos (32 nm SE to Olimbos in the north) 


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