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Naxos is the biggest island in the cycladic circle and a "must see" for every sailor with a yyacht in the aegaean sea! Don´t miss Naxos Yacht Marina
Naxos Hafen und Marina - Klick auf´s Bild für grosse Anzeige - bitte Ladezeit berücksichtigen!


The capital of Naxos is the town with the same name in the north-western corner of the island. There is a marina since some years, which improved the mooring-situation, and so it is - in contrary to the description in the most sailing handbooks - possible to stay in Naxos with a Charteryacht or your own sailingboat or a Motoryacht.

There are Moorings, and even, if there is swell coming in caused by the ferries, it is a good place to stay for some days.

The Marina has about 80 places. If you click on the picture above, you can see a panorama of the whole harbour.

The (concrete) pontoons are  on the opposite side of the harbour´s quai, and in the evening, many people pass by, but they are far enough away, that the noise does not disturb too much. On the other hand, the marina is open to the public and not secured, so curious tourists might watch, what you are doing on your boat.

There are some places on the street-side (incoming starbord/right), but there is no clear information about depth there. Port Police said, it is about 2-3 m, but as long, as there are places at the pontoons they don´t want to have boats alongside there.
There is electricity and water available, a guy passes by and asks for some Euros.

The concrete pontoons are open below, so seawater can go in and out (to avoid stinky water), but that leads as well to swell - make sure, your boat is well fendered!

Naxos Port Police attractice greek ladies on duety for ferries and boats as well Yachts in Charter

Sometimes, the Port Police has a look, and they ask to come to the office for the papers as usual. Just cross the street and enter the next building to come there.

In 2001, there were 2 very attractive female police-officers on duty *smile*, which made all the skippers go to the Port Police office volunteerely...  but they were nearly more strict, than their male colleagueas.(nevertheless very friendly and correct!)

Harbour fees are as usual in Greece 
Water is 10 € for about 300 l.

electricity was free.



The island is very interesting to visit. It is really worth to stay 2 or 3 days , rent a car or scooter and drive around. Invest some time to compare prices-they vary very much!

If you make right after leaving the harbour, and follow the quai, there is after about 600m a Scooter-rental. About 150m further, there is a boat equipment shop, and another 300m there is a very beautiful sandy beach!

The BAKERY is at the middle of the promenade and has excellent bread, croissants.

Several "Markets" offer goods, but we found, they are very expensive, as they have the ferry guests and passing tourists in focus. We found a big and very good sorted, reasonable priced supermarket called something like BIAAAHS (which is correctly said: viladis). If you buy there, they deliver free of costs to the boat.
Just leave the Marina and go left, follow that street about 1,5 km. Note: it is NOT the first one, you pass, after the street turned right.... the shop, that is meant, is about 1 km further and about 20-30% cheaper, than all the other shops closer to the harbour! Payment with credit card possible - don´t forget a little tip for the driver ;-)

All european daily newspapers are available on the promenade beside the bakery.

Some restaurants visited:

eine Taverne, die man lieben muss, um dort zu essen

Taverna Armenaki

is opposite of the marina´s entrance, and offers seafood, especially octopusses and Makerels are hanging out to dry.

Unfortunately, the quality of the food served was more than poor - it was really bad!
Zaziki already had an old skin on top and the grilled Saganaki-cheese had a consistence like an old tire...
The beer was cold, and after we complained, they served a new Zaziki (but don´t ask for the face of the waiter...)
We were very disappointed, because the decoration of the place "typical greek" made us look forward for a good lunch. But that was a typical tourist trap

Hier kocht die Mama - empfehlenswert auf der Promenade von Naxos  

In the evening, we went some houses further to a place, which was one day very good and the other one acceptable...
Popi´s  Grill
Easy to find close to the bakery and pharmacy.They served a very good lamb and excellent Gyros (no cheap and fat, but good meat quality!) - that did not only look good, it tasted very good! 

Together with a quick and friendly service, we were convinced and returned next da. That seemed to be a less good one, because the chicken seemed to be dried out, and the lamb was half the portion of the day before....

Alltogether, we recommend this place, if you are able to ask for appropriate portions ;-) 

By the way: there is a small market next door, which has prices about 30-50% higher, than the mentioned one above!

Naxos Old Market

Naxos town is very intersting to see and walk through!


numerous narrow streets with shops, bars, restaurants, tavernas, and a venetian castle, which can be visited in the daytime except mondays. It´s recommended to do that, it has a nice view over the town and harbour!

ein aufdringlicher Wirt

If you enter the old town at the sign "Old Market", you pass "Vassili´s Garden". We did not like the "hassling" guy, who tried to lure us in, and then he wanted to place us in the middle of a very sad and unhappy looking group of people... we became suspicious and left. The place tries to pretend to be the oldest place in town - truth is: about 20m further is a very nice place called Lukullus, and THAT is the real oldest one ;-)


The real since 1951 existing and mentioned in many traveller´s recommendations is Lukullus

We tried Lukullus-Plate" : chicken in mushroom-soya-sauce... that was really excellent!

It is a very small place, and has only a few tables, so it is recommended to make a reservation in the morning for the evening.

 Naxos Lukullus Restaurant


Naxos Lukullus Restaurant im Old Market
Apostolis Taverne Naxos

A nice location, and "typical" greek food offers Taverna Apostolis, which is only about 100 m further lefthanded.

2 wooden Pelicanos welcome you, seating is nice in a garden. The food is (as in Greece often and usual) classical greek dishes, prepared in the afternoon, warmed for eating (nearly cold...).

If you want to have it hot (not spice, just hot), it is necessary, to tell the waiter! The place is nothing special, but not bad as well - ok, not to be hungry anymore.
The open housewine is a pretty good one. No need to buy an expensive Makedonikos or else bottled!

Technical help for your yacht needed?
Ioannis Mittaras offers help, he only speaks greek, but his daughter Artemi speaks english and translates! 
Phone. Naxos 22308  or 23019   Mobile 09774 68906

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