Port Mykonos - Tourlos Marina - sail with your yacht to the wild heart of cycladic islands

Looking for party-time, fun and crazy people? Her is the place to sail to!

The old town of Mykonos is a collection of white cubes, which prepares all day to be ready for the wild nights in summertime! Numerous narrow streets, shops, Boutiques, Goldshops and Jewellerys, hundreds of Tavernas, Bars and Discos.

But it all stops at 3 in the morning, and everybody tries to get home with one of the Taxis - there are never enough, so people must que up and wait.

Mykonos is a very liberal island, and it became famous, because in not so liberal times as it is today, Mykonos welcomed the Gay-scene. Some beaches like "Super Paradise" in the south of the island are still in the hands of mostly elder, obviously wealthy guys with their young lovers. And some "Drag-Queens" show up in the nighttime as well.

That´s pretty fun, the atmosphere is easy, and... everybody thinks, it´s the "gay-scene-island", but the truth is: there is nearly no place in the eastern mediterranean with more beautiful girls from all countries. It´s even better than Ibiza, because Mykonos has a more international scene. Especially in August, when all France, Italy, Spain and at the 15.8. as well all Greeks from Athens come to Mykonos...you can´t even walk in the streets at night... it´s packed. If you don´t like that - leave before!

And: it is VERY expensive - the bars are really beautifull decorated and the "beautiful young people" work there and serve extremely expensive drinks to the other young and rich beauties, which have enough money just to enjoy Mykonos´nightlife....

You can find extremely nice restaurants and spent a fortune for dinner.
Hotels are full, full, full in high season, so many people sleep on the beaches.

Coming with a Sailing boat, a chartered yacht or your own, unfortunately the entrance to the old city harbour is not allowed anymore. Mykonos has a Yacht Marina about 4 km north of town. There is a bus nearly all night (see below)

Unfortunately, people waste a lot of space in there, have their boats alongside. So it is difficult to find a place. Often, you are in 2nd or 3rd row, which makes it necessary to agree with your boat-neighbours about the duration of stay! Bad luck, if your neighbour is not there, but when you leave and come back, he left, and you boat is maybe bad moored.

One more problem is, that the summerly Meltemi blows straight from N or NW, which is  exactly from the side, and this wind can be very strong - Mykonos and it´s neighbour-island Tinos are the most windy areas in summer.

Other opportunities are only in the south, where one can anchor, but that´s pretty far to town, costs a fortune for Taxis (if you get one!)

There is no regular Port Police, the office is in the old town (at the harbour-quai), but they are always too busy with all those ferries coming and going, so it´s not necessary to go there.
By the same reason no mooring-fees.
There is a guy, who delivers water after you called him (Tel.289 23494), but it costs at least 10 Euro
Diesel can as well be called, the numbers are posted there in the marina.

At the entrance to the port/marina is the bus station and on the other side of the street a greek taverna called Matthew´s which has a good food at reasonable prices - the place is full all evening, so better make a reservation in high-season for the evening. Unfortunately, it is at the street, on the other hand, one can have a view to the coming and going ferries.

Next door they offer Scooters and cars for rent, which makes you independent from the bus, but is, however, more expensive.

 Tourlos Marina Mykonos panorama - click to enölarge
click on the foto to see a very big panoramaview!

There are some Supermarkets in in Mykonos-town, that´s about 3 km.
As well a pretty good sorted Marina shop is about 4 km outside of town.
Bus connection to town is every 30 minutes, starts alswas 10 past the hour. Back is from the olkd harbour, but only every hour, in the night every 90 minutes, the 2 last ones ate 1:15 a.m. and the last one is at 2 a.m. 

Note: there are buses arriving at the marina-quais. These are for the clients of the travel companies and boats only!

Here a sketch of the Marina Tourlos

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