Leros - Panteli Dodecanese islands in the eastern Aegaean sea

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The island of Leros is one of the bigger islands of the Dodecanese, which are located between Samos and Kos. The island has several places, each with it´s own character. If you come sailing up from the south, Panteli is a nice place to stay for a day or two with your sailing boat.

Panteli is a small village on the eastside of Leros. As seen on the picture above, it has a big castle and can be identified from sea easily by it´s group of white windmills on the top of the mountains, which are in use still today.
Panteli has a small harbour, which is usually full with local fisherboats and these leave very few space for guest charterachts. However, if one finds a place for his boat, he can go alongside. We found the space enough for "roman-catholic-mooring", but it seems not to be state of the art to save space in a port.

If the port is full, one can as well stay with his sailingboat and drop his anchor in front of the small beach, where a sandy ground makes it comfortable to stay even during Meltemi times with it´s strong winds.

Panteli has some small Tavernas, a shop (market) for daily goods, and from time to time a fruit-chandler passes by, shouting out the offers of the day. We found it very pleasant to see the children collecting garbage from the pebbled beach, not to support children´s work, of course, but as one knows Greece, where often everything is just thrown away, such an activity caused surprise and we are sure, that is a good educational example for both: the children and the neighbourhood! So if you stay there and see the same, don´t hesitate to praise the children, if so!

Short walks up to the (lower) windmillls open a great view over the bay, following the only road out of town you reach quickly the maintown of Leros, a village named as it´s island: Leros.
As the bay of Leros is big, and the vilage is located on the south coast of that bay, it is nearly not possible to go therte by boat in the summertime, because the usually strong winds smash the waves against the quai of Leros, and one can not stay there with his yacht.


Choose your next destination

From Panteli, you can sail with the wind to the southern island Kalymnos with it´s bays (10-15 nm) or Kalymnos maintown in the south (18 nm), a short trip to  Leros-Lakki (8 nm), which has a little flair of Italy by architectural reasons, or northerly  to Agathonisi (20 nm upwind, nearly no tacking necessary), to Arki (12 nm) or Lipsi (15 nm) or Patmos (20 nm). Samos in the north is a nice trip upwind

The turkish coast is nearby as well, but to leave Greece, one should visit Kalymnos (Port of Entry) first and sail to Turgut Reis or Bodrum-City, which are both turkish Ports of entry. It is no problem to visit Turkey, but it is  not allowed to cross border without appropriate formal pocedures. With a greek charteryacht you must leave Turkey after the first Port of call or pay an extremely high Transitlog-charge!

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