Leros - Lakki italian styled Dodecanese island in the eastern Aegaean sea

The island of Leros is known for his medical history - still today, several hospitals for mental deseases are housed in the Lakki area.
This might be one of the reasons, why the people of Lakki are not so very after tourism.
The hospitals give work to more than 2000 people and tourism would make that business maybe being disturbed...
That is one explanation, why Lakki,. the big natural harbour, which was used by military for many years and has an architecture like an italian city, seems to sleep and does not stretch many fingers to tourism.

There are a few bars and small Tavernas, as well a "Pizzaria" can be found in the city-square-area. Motor-bikes are for rent, and it is really recommended to visit the other, northeastern part of the island, which is more greek again. To go there with a boat is not such a good idea, because the northern winds blow strong and there is no shelter there.
One can leave the boat at he well known Lakki-Marina on the left beginning of the village. There is another marina under construction in the south-eastern part of the bay, with possibilities of dry-storage, but it isnīt ready yet.

Agmar Lakki Marina servicepoint housed in a nice Bar, Cafe Restaurant called Bar Escape

Meanwhile the Lakki-Agmar-Marina is a very good place to stay with very good mooring lines, electricity, water, a very nice and good bar/restaurant with fair pricing. Maintenance and repairs can be ordered and are as well known very good!

View of the quaiside from the Cafe Escape above.







Leros Greece Yachtcharter Lakki Agmar Marina

The inner area of the bay was formerly used by the military, now was changed to be a big Marina-bay, with equipments like a big travellift (yellow on the right). Entrance is from the left side. This port/Marina seems to be the safest Marina we know, very good for all longer stays, but as we see it, for a daystop the "old" quai at the Agmar-Cafe is still to be recommended!

Lakki Leros island Greece Yachtcharters maintenance for Yachts and travellift for Catamarans in Lakki Marina



Leros Lakki a stop for sailors with good mooring and maintenance, as well for charteryachts possible

As mentioned, Lakki is a big natural harbour. Entrance is from W and it is recommended to check navigation because close to the entrance there are some rocks stretching out about 800m (0.5 nm) at least anmd these can be very dangerous, especially at night!

rocks at the entrance to Lakki harbour, especially charterskipper should navigate carefully!



Leros windmills generating electricity

Coming from the north or going there, one can see the modern windmills on top of the mountains, generating electricity from the steady blowing winds, as there could be Meltemi as well in summertime. Distance to/from Lakki-port entrance about 2-3 nm.


Choose your next destination

From Lakki, you can sail with the wind to the southern island Kalymnos with it´s bays (10-15 nm) or Kalymnos maintown in the south (18 nm), a short trip to  Leros-Panteli (8 nm), or northerly  to Agathonisi (20 nm upwind, nearly no tacking necessary), to Arki (12 nm) or Lipsi (15 nm) or Patmos (20 nm). Samos in the north is a nice trip upwind for about 28 nm

The turkish coast is nearby as well, but to leave Greece, one should visit Kalymnos (Port of Entry) first and sail to Turgut Reis or Bodrum-City, which are both turkish Ports of entry. It is no problem to visit Turkey, but it is  not allowed to cross border without appropriate formal pocedures. With a greek charteryacht you must leave Turkey after the first Port of call or pay an extremely high Transitlog-charge!

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