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Kos - sailing in the greek dodecanese islands  Greece sailing report

In springtime and autum be aware of southerly- and easterly-winds, May to October mostly N-NW-winds, and by that reason easy and relaxed sailing with the wind 

Kos has one of the few professional Marinas in Greece, the Kosmarina

Kos Marina is close to Kos town a good place to visit Kos city or rent a car or moto and stay for some days to discover the island of Hippocrates

The Kosmarina made a big carreer since itīs opening some years ago, all the places are booked out, and reservation is necessary all season long!

The facilities are very nice, the organisation and cleaning of the Kosmarina is very well - they do a pretty good job there!
The Kosmarina provides excellent showers in perfect clean condition and toilets, that are worth to be visited, even, when itīs a pretty long walk from some jetties to the central located lavatories.
All services for a boat are provided, fuel station and a Travellift as well, and the Marina Cafe in the Kosmarina has a very nice atmosphere with young and as well elder local people and sailors from all over the world. Opposite there is a greek Táverna style restaurant with real good greek kitchen (try the unusual cheeses and the Saganaki is excellent!!) and good prices.

The Marina market of KOSTAS offers fresh bread at 8 a.m. and all other provisionings on acceptable prices considering, that he offers norther european specialites like cheese, ham asf - boat delivering service, and fresh bread every morning from 8 a.m. available!

2 marina-shops of KAVAS and SELAS offer technical marine equipments and several maintenance companies offer services for the boat.
A laundry can be found there as well - note: we recommend to bring your own detergent, ask the lady to use more, than she usually uses, and add Calgon water softener, because Kos water is very hard

Beaches are on both sides of the marina (3 min walk), so a morning-swim can start your perfect day!

Kos Marina is quite close to the town-harbour (10-15 minutes walk or a bus).

Before entering by boat to Kos-Marina, it is important to call the Marina-office at VHF Channel 77 and wait at the entrance for arrival of the yellow pilot boat. The pilot will check your boatsize and order a mooring-place for you. Stavros, Thomas or Petros, managing the pilot boats, feel responsible to get you in the mooring-place without damages. And the reason are the strong winds: usually, the wind is coming strong from north, so it is indeed recommended to be carefull manoevering inside the Marina. Following the instructions of the pilot is helpfull, he stays with you and pushes the bow to position with his inflatable boat. Note, that mooring alongside is charged double!

Technical services in and around Kos Marina

Parts and all equipments for the boat as well as maintenance material can be bought inside the Marina in 2 Marina stores. One, beside the external Tavernaīs seats belong to KAVAS, the other one is named SELAS specialized in maintenance of liferafts and automatic vests.

150 m to the right of the Marina main entrance, the serbian sailmaker ZLATKO is ready to repair any kind of sails and canvas! Ask for him, when he comes between 10 and 11 a.m. for a first cup of coffee in the Marina Cafe.

The owner of the former NATIONAL & ALAMO CAR RENTAL - the company was awarded the best and most fair car rental company in Kos island by german magazine STERN in 2009 - Dimitris, moved about 1 km outside of town direction Psalidi. His new company is named Enterprise Car rental - from own personal long year experience we can confirm that companyindeed! Go or call, if you want to rent a car (which is recommended to see the island)

Babis Yanmar technician Kos



Every problem with the engine, no matter if a 2 hp outboard engine or a several hundred HP megayacht-engine, will surely be solved by BABIS CHARALAMPOUS. He is official YANMAR representative for Kos and his office is around the corner from Pavlos´shop, but mostly one can contact him better direct on his mobile
+30 694 484 1964
speaks very well english and is a pretty reliable technician!


Further technical service and good organisation and caretaking of boats and services ordered can be arranged by frenchman Pierre Dumont, who lives in Kos since many years, speaks greek and knows every technician alive on the island. His office is in the first floor area beside the charteroffices inside the Marina patio or phone him at +30 694 574 65 80!

Note, that the Marina asks a surcharge of 20% for all technical work done inside the marina.

If the Kosmarina is full, but you want to visit the town and island of Kos, you can either take one of the ports presented below, or try to get a place in the old port of Kos.
Staying in a villageīs port might be noisy, and the water in the harbour often is dirty, occasionally swell might cause trouble or neighbourhood boats dropping or lifting their anchor might cause problems. Anyway we like staying in "normal" ports to take part of the "normal life" on the quais and being right in the middle of local scenery.
However: sometimes, a Marina with itīs facilities can be a good alternative especially for a charter-crew with 6 or 8 on board, who need to have a shower. And for provisioning the boat with fuel and water, a Marina is a good place to stay. During the season, in the old port behind the castle of Kos there are some places for boats on the leftside area of the port, the ground is 4-5m and holds very good. Off-season, the space on the opposite side is open for guest-boats as well.

Kos location between Marina and Kos city and Kos old harbour with the castle


If you come from Turkey, immigration paperwork is unavoidable!

The Immigration Policeīs office is inside the ferryboatīs arrival gate, which is the white building in the port-entrance, on the left side, some "sail-type tents" are seen, from seaside exactly left at the castleīs right corner. Go there first with crewlist and passports. After, you go to Customs next door (where they charge 15 €, sometimes) , and finally with stamped crewlist you go to the Port Police. The office is exactly on the opposite side of the harbour. Present your PPMD (Private Pleasure boat Document), and if you have none, you must buy one. You pay immigration-tax (15 €) and mooring-fee for the time you are there.

Kos itself is very nice to stay, visit the castle, see the old plant of Hypokrates, the ancient philosopher and doctor, who is still the mental guide for medical doctors all over the world, have a walk through the narrow shopping- and Bar-streets up the hill, take a cup of coffee on the place right below the old Mosque, maybe take a day and go for a daytrip to turkish Bodrum, which is 35 minutes by ferry twice a day in the summer season.

If you have the time to stay longer, you should, if you can ! Here some reasons:


Kos panorama from the area of Zia and Evangelistria Asomatos northwards

The area around the village Zia and Evangelistria is very beautiful, and one should not miss to visit the area - rent a moto or a car!
Drive out of Kos-town direction airport and then make left at the corner to see the antique site of Aklepeion, an old holy area of ancient Greece.
If you follow that street further, you pass the horrible waste-area (always burning), or you drive back to mainroad and follow the airport direction for another 3-4 km, follow the indications 4-5 km to Evangelistria, Zia and Asfendiou or next Lagoudi. The road leads up to the mountains and offers breathtaking views over forested mountain areas! Very beautiful! In the north, you can see the islands of Kalymnos, Pserimos and the turkish coastline.

If you want to see more of Kos, take your time to sail around!

From Kos, mostly northerly winds might let you sail to the south-coast first.
Just behind the cape of Ag.Fokas (pretty "Ibiza-style" beach there!) you will be able to take a swim in hot vulcanic waters, the "Therme".
Another 15 nm further westwards you can stop in the big harbour of Kardamena, which is pretty touristic and offers all kinds of entertainments.

Kos Kardamena on the south coast has a big harbour, mostly empty!
From here, the next day you can sail to Kefalos bay, and take a day on the beautiful beach, which is famous for itīs steady winds and no waves, so sometimes hundreds of windsurfers with all colours are in the bay.(famous Club Mediterranee has a Hotel here) Drop your anchor in the small bay behind the port (on the picture right area), go alongside the quai or (if you have a smaller boat) you can enter the little port (on the left).

Kos island the unknown ports - visit Kefalos bay on the southwestern coast of Kos, close to Club Mediterranee facilities - many surf stations offer rent of Surfboards
If you want to sail westerly from here, the next destination could be Levitha or Astipalaiia, or south the island of Nisyros with itīs vulcano-crater.

Kos Mastichari is only 5 km from airport Kos Andimachia
Maybe, you want to sail to the north, or you come from there, you can enter the port of Mastichari. If you want to take or leave someone for the airport that is a good port, because it is only 8-10 km from Kos airport!

But be carefull: the port is open to the north, where mostly the wind comes in, one can only go there on very calm conditions, and should always leave someone on board able to handle the boat.

Choose from here below your next destination to sail to

From Kos, you can sail to the turkish coast, either Bodrum (6 nm  E) or Datca (35 nm SE) which are both Ports of Entry to Turkey. You can stay in Greece and visit Nisyros (15 nm ESE), or Tilos (30 nm ESE) you sail westerly to to the island of Karpathos (40 nm SE to Olimbos in the north)

Other destinations can be chosen from Greece sailing islands page 

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