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Kasos is a seemingly not interesting rock between Karpathos and Crete, but it is a good place to stop here for a night on the way to or from Crete. One might be disappointed about the bare mountains, and indeed there are only a few green trees. But on second or third view, one realizes that here thy "typical greek life" still exists. Just a few tourists disturb the island´s tranquility in summer only. And even then, it is better to be equipped with enough books to read an motivation to enjoy yourself.

Coming from Karpathos-Olimbos

it is a nice daytrip (about 25 nm), really easy sailing with wind abeam or on the wind, but even a Meltemi will not make the trip really unconvenient, however, some more waves appear, and then the last 2 hours might be more sportive and strenuous to sail, until one reaches the safe harbour of Kasos island.

Sailing back it is a nice high pointing trip till one reaches the small passage between Karpathos and the northern island as described there.

If you start from Pigadia, the eastern southside of Karpathos, the trip will be much more sportive:

first, even at a calm situation starting from Pigadia southwards the flat area of South-Karpathos brings at least 3-5 Bft even on relatively calm days. Situation can get difficult, when there is a stronger wind-situation, because gusts can make sailing around the south cape pretty strenuous as well! It is recommended to reduce sails latest, when the Karpathos airport is on 90 degrees.
Next, the yacht sails westerly, always aware of the very strong gusts coming from the high mountains of karpathos and the leeward side of Kasos. Having the eastside of Kasos on your starboard side, tack and sail straight ahead northeast again, keep away from the (marked) wreck in the middle between Karpathos and Kasos. Thas is even a ride at normal winds, take it as a storm situation, when the steady wind is over 5 Bft or when a Meltemi is blowing! One should prepare for strong wind sailing already before leaving Pigadia! We saw as well big yachts with seemingly professional crew, that came into very uncomfortable situations because they undersestimated that wind situation there!

If the Meltemi is too strong to go further W, one can stop for a day in the southern bays of Karpathos or on the southern side of Kasos, because it is really difficult to cross over to Crete without loosing too much height at Meltemi time. The current between Kasos and Crete becomes very strong the more wind blows, one can loose 25 degrees or more on his way over!

There are seveal anchorages, small bays on the south side of Kasos, which are not described in usual sailor´s handbooks, and these can be used for all N and NW winds, at W winds, the swell might be too strong, so one must try out, what is acceptable.

A good anchorage is behind the about 800m long peninsula on the eastside of Kasos. It is shallow there, so check your depthsounder, but behind that wall, one can stay pretty safe even on very strong winds. There is a small bay about 400 m south with very high rocks and that can give shelter as well, fishermen sometimes stay there. Ground is rocks and sand.

Sailing from Kasos to Karpathos-Pigadia

in the beginning, the wind allows a very nice trip abeam and the more you come to Karpathos´southside it is a running trip, but then you must sail up, close-hauled and tack. The later in the day you arrive, the stronger the trip will be, because winds increase very much, falling gusts from the high Karpathos´mountains make it really hard to sail northwards. As well then, one can stay in the bay a little north of Karpathos airport (you see it anyway), because Pigadia is an open bay, and if you want to anchor close to the harbour on the harbour´s outside (inside is not open for guest boats!), you must have a strong anchor and chain.

Kasos southcoast looks like a rough rock from the moon

Kasos is described as bare of trees... and that is really true.

Only the area close to the port of Phry has some green areas and trees.

Kasos Harbour Kasos Port Phry  Dodekanes Yachtcharter Segeln Griechenland

The harbour is surprisingly big and behind the long wavwebreaker often freightships are moored. If you enter the harbour and come behind this wavebreaker, of course the water becomes calm, and one can enter the Yachtharbour. The dock area is pretty big, and it is deep enough.There is space for at least 5-6 boats alongside, but we have never seen so many there. To tell the truth: we were always alone there, except some fiosherboats. Theer are marine-posts for water and electricity mounted, but in 8/2005 they were not connected yet.

Kasos greece harbour port Kasos

There are some small shops in Phry, a church, of course, and in July/August a handfull of tourists.

Kasos Phry Fri Kasos Phry Fri Karpathos Yachtcharterv Griechenland


Port Police office is behind the church, and they see the harbour all the time, so don´t think, they don´t know, that there is a boat in the harbour.

Sometimes the Port Police Officer asks to come to his office, but anyway, it is recommended to go there and pay one´s duties, because so close to north african coast there are often problems with illegal boats, and cretan police checks as well. Having appropriate papers avoids suspicious questions and useless time to spent on the offices of the authorities!






The view from the terrace of one of the Cafe´s goes to the small old fisherman´s port, that gave shelter in former years only.

Kasos Yachtcharter Sailing Kasos

There is an airport to arrive from Rhodos-Karpathos daily.

Check as well that good Link for more about the island of Kasos (opens new window)

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Karpathos-Olimbos  (25 nm)  Karpathos-Pigadia  (25 nm)  Crete eastcoast  (45 nm)
  Crete-Sitia  (45 nm)   Crete-Makri Gialos   (ca. 70 nm)

To sail to Crete via Ksos, you need to charter a boat in Kos or Rhodes

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