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Karpathos - sail along the eastcoast to Diafani and vivit mountainvillage Olimbos

Diafani is the harbour for dayboats from Pigadia and stop for Ferries

Right before that passage, you find the entrance to a long bay called Tristorno (described in the books) , which is closed to all sides, but the entrance is very shallow and there can be quickly breaking waves at westerly winds!
We went in there at very strong NW-wind-conditions, but the wind was even stronger in there, and so we decided to pass between the islands and go the the small harbour of  Diafani on the eastern side.  

Karpathos Diafani from the mountains


From Diafani, which is a small village with only a few houses, it is possible to make a trip up to the mountains, about 7 km there is the village of Olimbos, where people still wear the old traditional clothes (for the tourists, of course, today...), but it gives a very good impression, how people used to live there.

The street up there is not very old (even if it looks alike...), and only a few years ago, people had to make their ways up and down by walking...

Olimbis Karpathos Square


Olimbos was once a pretty rich village, as can be seen at the old classicistical buildings

Karpathos Olimbos old classicistical buildings

The views from there are incredible, and the sunset is fantastic (even better, than in Santorini, believe me.
But is is very cold even in August, so take a Jacket with you. This mpictures were taken at October 1. It was beautiful,, as you can see, but very windy!

Olimbos view from Karpathos in direction Southwest to Kasos and Crete


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From Karpathos-Diafani, you can sail to the islanīs capital: Karpathos-Pigadia, or over to the south corner of Rhodes (45 nm east/ south corner), sailing NE, you can visit Chalki, or more northerly Tilos (25 nm north)

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