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Hydra - the island without any cars in Saronic Gulf region

The island of Hydra, greek Idra, is not far from Athens and many visitors come over for a weekend trip from Athens or Poros by ferry. The island still has no cars and transportation is done as in ancient times by donkeys.

There is a very small and absolutely overcrowded port in Hydra, and in summertime, after being moored in 3 rows and big anchorage mess-ups, people who know prefer to stay away, leave the boat in a bay nearby or in Poros 15 nm away and come over by ferry to enjoy the small and pittoresue village with many Tavernas, Cafes and a lot to be seen in it´s narrow walkways.


Hydra Catamarans Cup 2011 Port of HydraMooring in 4 rows in Hydra

Here is a view to the port of Hydra, taken in October 2010, when the 1st Catamaran´s Cup stayed for 2 days in Hydra´s port. There was a big organisational prework done before all these many Catamarans could be moored and as one can see, they were sorted and moored in 4 (!!) rows. That was only possible under the perfect organisation and surveillance of professional rib-boat-crews directing the big Catamarans to it´s safe positions and some helping hands on jetties and around.

Local commercial boat traffic in the Port of Hydra

Day and night, small Taxiboats and small fisher boats enter and leave the port, and they are often pretty reckless, so that some people argue, some of the locals try to provoke accidents to create damages and compensations for such damages.

The car-ferry as well squeezes into the port and it needs a lot of manouvering space and mooring space o the quai, too.


That all creates a lot of traffic and one should be VERY carefull and act pretty defensive. As well the swell is dangerous for moored boats or such who want o try mooring in the port.

One should know his anchor and chain

and know exactly what to do in a critical situation VERY well to avoid endangering situations when dropping or lifting the anchor inside the small port of Hydra! Anchorchain-mess is predictable!

The village of Hydra

has a lot of nice Tavernas with beautiful green and flowered gardens and many Cafes on the waterfront in the port, so one can eat out very well and enjoy the passing tourists and other sailors from neighbourhood boats.

Alternative moorings around Hydra

If the port of Hydra is - as usual - absolutely overcrowded, and the weather conditions are calm, one can try to drop anchor outside of the wavebreaker as indicated.

Hydra mooring outside the ort wavebreaker












View to the access of Hydra port, on the left is a small bay, which can be used for free anchoring as well and one can visit the village of Hydra from there. Care of the weather and windconditions, and make sure, the anchor is well moored!

Hydra  access to the port of Hydra v





The village and waterforn of the Port of Hydra, as seen from the wavebreaker

Hydra village view from the wavebraker inside the port of  Hydra












We suggest extensively walks through the narrow streets of Hydra, it has very lovely corners to explore!


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