Donousa - a real greek island in the center of the cycladic islands

Donousa is a small island in the eastern neighbourhood of Naxos.
The winds are usually blowing from NE or N, so the sailor arrives with his yacht either from SE from the islands of Levitha (est. 40 nm) or Amorgos (est. 20-25 nm) with a strong sailing or easily coming from NW island of Mykonos (est.25 nm) or the westside of Naxos (est.15 nm)

Donousa is ideal for a short stopover, to rest a day or more and enjoy the leftover tranquility of this nice typical cycladic style!

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During the summer, the athenian greeks come over to enjoy silence...
There are no noisy Discos, and even motorbikes and cars, which can be very enerving in Greece are only a few... (yet). There is a nice new Bar a little outside of the village on a hill, serving a drinks and make the day slow down...

In the last years, tourism tries first steps on the island, there is a new quai, where one can moore his Yacht now at a waterdepth of about 3m. It is possible to drop the anchor in the middle of the sandy bay as well. Incoming on the bb-side, there is a quai for the ferries only, but on it´s side there is space for mooring as well, alongside mostly. Behind that, there is the fishermen´s area, deep enough for a smaller Yacht, but full of swimming-ropes, so it should obly be considered in case of emergeny (storm and the quai is packed...)

Water is available on the quai. However, one is not welcomed to mount a hose, take a lot of water (and, some do so, wash his boat...). But with a canister, it is possible to fill the tanks for the next daytrip to an island with more water-ressources.

The Taverna at the quai is packed every evening in the season, food is basic greek and relatively reasonable (times of "cheap" provisioning in Greece are over). Beside it, another Taverna is open as well.

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A small bakery offers fresh bread in the morning, and a small market has all the goods for daily life.




The small village is white and clean, and to walk up to the small church on top of the hill rewards your with a beautifull view over the bay and over to Naxos.

Wer Who wants to enjoy a day or more in harbour and swimming in the crystal-clear water of the bay with it´s sandy beach, is absolutely on the right island! No Port Police seen, no harbour fees.

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