Sailing a chartered yacht from Athens - the cradle of modern democracies and "Europe"

The Acropolis is the higher part of ancient Athens and represents an impressive example of Greeceīs culture, that lasted thousands of years and created democracy


Athens is the capital and biggest town of Greece.

If one starts or ends his sailing travel in Athens, it is recommended to visit the world famous Akropolis and the surrounding old town district named "Plaka" with itīs numerous restaurants, tavernas, endless shops and open air cafes. Keep your purse under strict control, as pickpockets are working quickly here!
Even if itīs pretty safe in Athens compared to Barcelona in Spain or Naples in Italy, but as well here criminals are around...donīt show money and expensive cameras and have a good hold on your mobile phone, especially, if itīs a very new and modern one.
Itīs not recommended to buy anything from the hundreds of black salesmen, that offer bags, CRDs, DVDs, sunglasses and "jewels", as in any moment police might appear and catch them and you, and as the most products are fakes or illegal copies, you might loose money and a good deal but get a lot of trouble.

The famous port of "Pireas" is starting point of all the ferries to the greek islands, and one can see big carriers and tankers waiting for new carriage.

Since Olympic Games 2004 Athens made a big step to modernize itīs infrastructures.

The old Olimpic Airport close to the coast between Alimos and Glyfada, both coastal parts of Athens, was closed when the new hypermodern airport called Eleftherios Venizelos was built about 20km outside of town.

There are excellent public transportation connections to town of Athens and ferries in Pireas by bus and local train and to the main Marina Alimos.

The express-bus line X96 is going directly from the airport along the coastline to Marina Alimos (about 35 km, 45 minutes, cost per Person 5 €, price 2011), and (35 minutes) further to the center called "Syntagma", which is a big square close to the famous Plaka (driving by bus/local train about 80 minutes, diret from AP about 40 minutes X95), which is the old center below the famous Akropolis monuments. Taxis are available from the airport is 30-40 Euros approximately depending on luggage and number of persons. Chartercompanies on request arrange transfers with own Minibuses and varying prices.

One can walk through the shopping-pedestrianīs area to Plaka and further to Akropolis, entrance fee is 12 Euro p.person, but entrance to Akropolis free on sundays!

Alimos and Kalamaki Marina are togetner the biggest collection of yachts and motoryachts for private pleasure and charteryachts in Athens

Click on the picture for a big version

The marina of Alimos lies (of course) on the coast and itīs more northwestern part called Kalamaki is a huge pleasure-boat port with a great number of smaller or bigger sailingboats and highly sophisticated motoryachts, worth to stroll along the pontoon (close to Port office) and getting an impression....

Mororyachts private an charter motoryachts in Athens Greece

Nearly all greek chartercompanies have their boats and bases here, however, if one does not know, where exactly the boats are moored, might have a long walk.

In the middle between Marian Alimos and Marina Kalamaki is the Port office, that might help occasionally.

sailingboats in Alimos Marina Athens Greece


Several supermarkets are close. They can be reached by tramway or bus and return it is usefull to use a taxi. Note, that the guys offering shopping services at the marina are NOT on service of the chartercompanies, and that their services might be pretty expensive (however: useful, if you prefer such a service offer!). Check carefully, if you want to trust them and how to treat them.

On the other hand: itīs surely better, people try to make legal money for their service-work, than (like in some other ports in Europe) they try to play bad games or become criminals...










The Marina has a big and pretty fashionable restaurant, bar and cafe called "Kitchen Bar" close to the central area near the marinaīs offices and is a central meeting point of many sophisticated people both in summer (with a big open air terrace) as in wintertime inside with good music, good views to locals going out and pretty high prices (beer 5.70 Euro!)

Food however is good, especially "Cesarīs salad" is huge, other plates seen are pretty good looking.
The negative point is, that the bar & Discotheque causes big noise in summertime until late in the night!




If you love Pizza. there is a PIZZA HUT on the corner to Eleftherias Avenue.

A very reasonable and recommend, strictly basic greek food taverna called Iannis is located in the narrow street on the right side of HOTEL ALIMOS MARINA after 150m.

Sometimes, early arrival or later departure from Athens might make you stay 1 or 2 nights in Athens, which is worth to stay and enjoy itīs nightlife! Going out in the Plaka-area is a very nice experience, especially in the warm seasons, when everybody is out on the streets and all restaurants, bars and tavernas are open air!

In that case, one might look for a Hotel.

The Hotel Alimos Marina is located exactly opposite of the Marina and offers reasonable appartments for a stay of 1 or 2 days, but it is VERY noisy, as there s absolutely no noise-reduction from windows, and the 6-lane road is a raceway in the night!!!
Buy some earplugs for a good sleep in the night! The standard is very simple, the house needs renovation, itīs only advantage is the near to the Marina.

However: you have a nice overview to the Marina across the street.

There are many hotels around closer to town and in the area of Plaka as well, but it is VERY recommended to ask everywhere in Hotels for quite rooms and non-smokers, because Greeks are the most smoking population of all Europe, and Non-Smoker-rooms are not so well known.

Some more Athenian impressions:

 Athens Acropolis temple of Hephaistos Greece Yachtcharter visits to Athens


Charterboats in Alimos  Marina Athens


View from Acropolis to theater and old town plaka of Athens

ancient theater in the middle of old town Athens view from Acropolis

upper area of Acropolis Athens with temple and restoration area -click on the picture for a big version


From here you can sail with your own boat or your chartered boat to Cape Sounion and Lavrion

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