Astipalaia - sailing to heart of the southern aegean sea

Astipalaiia in the middle of the cycladic circle between Santorini and Crete Greece and sailing islands Greece

Astipalaia is an island on the southernmost part of the aegean sea. One should keep this nearly forgotten island as a secret, unfortunately, even secrets area little spoiled soon. However, even if tourism changed the summer-tranquility already, but in spring, autumn and the wintertime, Astipalaiia is still unspoiled and a greek heaven. The island looks like a butterfly and has many bays and small beaches. The island of Astipalaiia is located between the island of Thira, as well named Santorini. Halfway between the islands is the very small Anafi.

Amorgos is about 45 nm NW and itīs usually a pretty hard trip to sail from Astipalaiia to Amorgos in summer, when Meltemi is blowing from NW. In the east, one can reach levitha and then Kos, Tilos, Chalki and Rhodes.

In the port of Skala one can get water and electricity, but the host must be called (phone number at the post on the ferry-pier.) The big Rhodes-Athens or Crete ferryboat passes daily in summertime . In summertime, the small portbay is packed with 12, 15 or more yachts, and that can cause trouble, because the sandy ground does not hold the anchor very good, but strong winds can fall down from the steep mountains.

Since 2008, a new small port area was created, sheletered behind a 75m long wavebreaker.
Under construction in JUly 2008, one could see, that water and elctricity installations are prepared, and - under the respect of greek construction durations - it can be expected, that the little port of Astipalaiia will be finished in 2008, maybe. Meanwhile, yachts go alongside. In the high frequented months July and August, surely stern to pier and bow to the wind with anchor (long chain!) will be advantageous, or dropping the anchor still in the small bay - be carefull to leave enough space for the ferries that often come in the night!

Astipalaiia port sailing boats

There is a Port Police and Immigration office exactly looking over the port, but the policemen there usually donīt mind for pleasureboats. Maybe that changes after the port and itīs installations will be ready, qnd water and electric supply will surely be charged.


The outer area of the pier is reserved for Ferryboats, however, one can go alongside there, when no ferry is expected.
As well around the corner of the ferry-quai some boats can drop their anchor and moore stern to pier.(water & electric on request and on charge)

Astipalia way to upper village called  Chorio

overlooking the port, there is an
old castle worth to visit


Astipalaia small narrow streets between the houses in Chroio around the castle Chorio is the name of the upper village, and numerous houses in cycladic white and blue are located around the castle, which is about to be renovated.
Ruin of an old bohemian house in  Astipalaia
There were rich people in former times on the islands, but nowadays, they live often in Athens, or even Australia and only come to their home-island for a vacation in their holiday house
panoramic views to the aegean sea
The panoramic view over the aegean sea are georgeous - this looks like Santorini, but itīs even more beautiful (and cheaper anyway)

The upper village changed itīs face and a pedestrianīs area lured several bars and restaurants to open, so in summertime, the evenings start to be the big stroll

Astipalaia Chorio Festung

There is a very good and friendly butcher and below the mills one can find several supermarkets, some are very well equipped in summertime. On the harbour below are only some small bars and shops, but the bakery as well.

Astipalaia Chorio and castle

Astipalaia - the island with many bays

that can be used for mooring a sailing boat.
Coming from N (Amorgos or Levitha) the bay of VATHY is a good choice, it is very safe but there is nothing but a Taverna.
The southern coast has several big bays and hosts the port. If the port area is too packed with boats, the next bay leftsided of the castle is a good alternative. Another nice bay is Maltezana more easterly and it has some Tavernas and a summerly tourist life from the holiday homes around. One can sit here all day in the shade, watching the fishermen repairing their nets, drying Octopusses....
In the middle of the islandīs southern bay, there are 2 small islands, where one can stay for a night, if the wind is not too strong. However, even with little wind the waves and swell make the boat shaking.
However: if one wants to sail to the east (Kos or Tilos) it is recommended to stay here and safe more than 1 hour on the way to Kos, Nisyros or Tilos.
Another bay for a night stay is Porto Agrilithi, itīs pretty lonesome there.


Eat and drink at Astipalaia

One of the most lovely places to sit is the little Taverna on the beach - original greek food, greek atmosphere... and the sand of the beach below your feet. Excellent!
beach od Skala Astipalaiia and at itīs end the small Taverna with very good greek food
A Cafe and bar near the Port police is nicely made up, one can have a drink and enjoy the view.

Internet by Wireless LAN availale.

Astipalaiia Salor information about internet access wireless
In Chorio there is a small typical Taverna, which is usually packed in summer, on the corner from the Chorio pedestrianīs area to the small way (not the street) down. Several bars were mentioned already, they all have a very nice and modern ambiance and many young people enjoy their evenings here, so one has a lot to watch.


It is recommended to rent a Motorbike or a car and travel around the island - there is no cultural site, but many lovely corners to explore - but donīt worry too much about the burning garbage just around the first curve and the electrical plant next door of it...

From Astipalaiia one can

sail to Amorgos (43 nm NW),
35- 40 sm Kos oder Nisyros Tilos Chalki

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