Arki - a small Dodecanese island in the eastern Aegaean sea

Arki island of the Dodecanese Greece charterboats moored

Arki is a small, and still not so very frequented island of the area between Samos, Patmos, Lipsi and Leros. It has a few houses only, and the bay named "Porto Augusta" is described in all sailorīs handbooks. The entrance is easy to find as there is a little light on the corner. A new small ferryboat-quai right on the lefthanded part of the entrance must kept free for ferries. The bay itself is deep enough in the middle, but one should keep a carefull eye on his depth sounder, when he comes closer to the shore. It is very shallow there. However no rocks, all sand. In the inner section of the bay, there is a quai, where about 7-10 boats can moore, others must drop their anchor somewhere else, but it is deep enough to fix the boat on land with a long line. The village offers some Tavernas, and has only a very few cars, so there is nearly no noise. Fishermen go out and in all the time, and fish is very good here!

Sit on the small place at the port, in the green shadow of wineleaves, with a glass of wine in your hand and a traditional greek plate of "Meze" followed by fresh fish... thatīs Greece at itīs best! Yassas!!

No technical or other services. If one needs that, he must sail over to Patmos which is about 10 nm in the NW or (better) to Leros-Lakki, where a professional marine service (Agmar) offers qualified services! Arki is a place to relax. Next to the Porto Augusta is a small bay called "Porto Stretto" divided by a small peninsula, which is very nice to stay there as well. Make sure your anchor is well in the ground, because seaweed makes it a bit difficult. But as nightly winds might cause problems, one should check that carefully!

Another nice bay with a Taverna is called Marathi. It is just on the other side of the small waterway between the islands.

Arki Marathy

Access between the islands should be carefull, as there are several dangerous rocks, but youīll see them, if you care ;-)



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From Arki, you can sail in 1,5 - 2 hours to Patmos, or with the wind to the southern island Leros-Lakki with it´s bays (15 nm) or to Agathonisi (10 nm).
Samos in the north is a nice trip upwind

The turkish coast is nearby as well, but to leave Greece, one should visit Kalymnos (Port of Entry) first and sail to Turgut Reis or Bodrum-City which are both turkish Ports of entry It is no problem to visit Turkey, but it is  not allowed to cross border without appropriate formal procedures.

With a greek charteryacht you must leave Turkey after the first Port of call or pay an extremely high Transitlog-charge!

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