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The island of Kalymnos seen from the west looks like an open C, with the islands Telendos and some bays and anchorages inside. A very nice one in the northeastern part of that bay is Emborio. Only a few holiday houses and a greek church behind a small sandy, stone pebbled beach invite to stay.
Kalymnos Emborio

Unfortunately, free anchorage is pretty difficult, because the ground is deep and steep falling, covered with seaweed and only a few sandy places.

But the local Taverna owners luckily provide a few buoys for safe mooring.

Important to know for mooring in Kalymnos Emborio:

The buoys are free, but signed with the names of the Restaurants and Tavernas they belong to. There is no obligation, but...Taverna owners appreciate a visit.

The wind usually comes from West or Northwest with sometimes heavy gusts from falling winds. In the nights, the wind falls (mostly) asleep, and the turns of the boat around finally "bump"the buoy towards the boat´s hull and may annoy a sailor and his crew. It helps to cover the buoy itself or the bow of your boat with fenders and the dinghi to avoid that "contact", but these buoys seem to be "clever" - somehow they always find a way to knock on the hull again....*smile*

A good solution is a stern anchor or at the buoys closer to the shore to watchout for other mooring concrete blocks on 3-7m depth or other heavy stuff on the ground to fix a stern rope on it to keep the buoy on distance! As well another buoy may do that, but other sailors may not be amused, if one uses 2 buoys for 1 boat...

Smaller boats with draught under 2m can go alongside to the easter side of the small jetty, but there is much swell,so that is only recommendable on very calm nights.

In the northwesterly part of the big Emborio bay is a small bay, that has nice anchorage depths but unfortunately it is covered with a lot of garbage, leftovers of an old fish farm... however-for a safe anchorage it´s ok!

Iorgos, Wirt und Guoitar Player aus Restaurant Artistico

very nice and to be recommended is the Restaurant, Cafe, Bar ARTISTICO with it´s friendly owner IORGOS, who loves old Beatles and Blues songs, that he presents with an non amplified acustic guitar!!!!

Classic Softrock and ballads make an evening really enjoyable!

The family run business serves excellent home made dishes, basic with a touch of "fusion", the ingredients are daily fresh and the warm pita bread is perfect!

Germans find icecold "Weißbeer" , and of course greek and other beers and international drinks are served as usual.

The icecream box is sorted with a variety of non usual icecreams...

There are along the beach of course a few other "typical greek" Tavernas, that we did not try, however it has to be mentioned, that every Friday night from mid June one, a greek musicplayer and singer with very loud amplifier plays greek typical music on the small jetty square - usually they end the nice (but much too noisy) music around midnight.

As well to be positively recommended: cars drive slowly on the beach road, just a very few noisy motorbikes, and a very nice, calm, relaxed atmosphere, nice people from Greece and abroad, no cheap, noisy tourist masses! We started to like - after our third visit, we confess- the bay of Emborio, that is no love of first view, but finally makes you feel pretty well...!!!

this information was collected and is published by  information provided by yachts in  the meditarranean seas
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